Youthful Composes to create Change

Songwriter/artist/producer L. Youthful spends considerable thought in assembling his albums. Although he ventures into rock, funk and hip-hop for variety, his finest care is spent developing ballads he believes will re-kindle audience desiring the type of melodic, romantic figures penned making by Marvin Gaye and Stevie Question.

He composes and performs among writing and producing for such major pop singers as Patti Labelle, Gladys Soldier, Toni Braxton as well as the late good friend Teena Marie. He’s another veteran composer of soundtracks for film and tv shows. The main areas of each song he writes certainly are a contagious tune and sensitive lyrics expressing his concern yourself with humanity along with the world by which we live. Among his recurring styles may be the plight of today’s children.

L. Youthful frequently presents music workshops and programs in La schools. Each appearance makes him sadder in comparison with previous one he’s especially dismayed by his recent discovery that lots of students cannot identify the commonest band and orchestra instruments. Inside their age, he as well as the peers using the country were immersed in band, orchestra and vocal programs inside the elementary grades upward. He laments the terrible disconnect in our youthful generation because music is undoubtedly a driving pressure behind change and major occasions ever and possesses spearheaded the introduction of the humanities for many years.

L. Youthful elevated in the musical, church-going family and sang before he could talk. After graduating inside the Youth Performing Arts School in Louisville, Kentucky, he headed to Wright Condition College in Dayton, Ohio just as one acting major. Among his school classmates, Nicole Sherzinger, is way better known today incorporated within the Pussycat Dolls. The 2 labored together frequently within their early many he’s one which encouraged her to consider her talent for that West Coast. They’re still close buddies.

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