Quoting for Voice-over Work

Quoting for voice-over tasks are becoming a lot more more tricky for voice artists because of the increase of countless strange media types. Right here are a handful of easy steps that will assist you quote for VO gigs, and twine them in:

The Initial Step: Obtaining The ENQUIRY

Frequently you’re going to get an enquiry via email. The important thing factor is to return to people immediately. Create “stall” them.

Don’t email back – phone them. You’ll double the likelihood of you obtaining the gig.

Provide them with something to utilize – even if you need more information to provide a powerful quote, a minimum of you can tell them your usual hourly rates for non-broadcast work

Next Step: THE QUOTE:

When the ad is fantastic for broadcast (i.e. across the radio, telly or cinema), it is rather simple, it is possible to continue with the standard equity rate card.

When the script could be a “narrative”, i.e non-broadcast, the standard equity minute rates are about £142 hourly

Web usage is usually around £220 (then when you charge a studio fee of £104 you may also).

Whether it’s a strange job that you are unsure products to charge (that isn’t-for-broadcast, or possibly just a little usage), it’s easiest to quote hourly rate. Normally, the initial hour may be greater, along with lower hourly rate next. E.g. 130/175 pounds hourly for the first hour then 90/130 hourly next.

Then when you still don’t know products to charge – charge all you like. Consider what can result in the job useful to suit your needs, and quote that. Don’t overthink it.

Next Step: CYA

CYA means “cover your **s”. In 99% of enquiries, the customer wouldn’t have provided you sufficient information to do a proper quote. (I.e. they do not let you know the quantity of hrs of studio time, entire script, what is the usage, what media and so forth etc). The worst factor you could do this is respond obtaining a extended email with 20 questions, asking each one of these things. I am to not suggest, don’t ask individuals questions. However if you simply return to people, try and provide them with something to utilize. (Only send them an e-mail for people who’ve no phone phone number, it’s wise to phone).

Tell them your usual hourly rate for non-broadcast. CYA by praoclaiming that the quote is vulnerable to seeing the very best script, that the usage fee may be relevant based on which media the job will most likely be broadcast in. In this manner, you’ve given them something to utilize, and concurrently covered yourself for virtually any eventuality.

4th Step: Will The Client Possess A STUDIO BOOKED?

It’s happening more frequently that clients want VOs to supply finished mp3s (i.e. they do not their unique studio booked). Many VOs their unique home studios, so may likely include it inside the cost from the voice-over quote. But without obtaining a home studio, you’re still able to pitch on these jobs:

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