How to get guests excited about your wedding photo booth?

An interactive wedding photo booth is a great addition to any celebration. It provides great entertainment for your guests and captures candid memories from your special day. If you’re considering having a photo booth at your wedding, here are some tips to get your guests excited about using it: 

  1. Provide fun props and accessories 
  • One of the best parts of a photo booth is the silly props and accessories it provides. Stock your booth with fun hats, masks, signs, boas, glasses, mustaches, etc. The more creative and humorous, the better! It allows guests to dress up and be goofy in their photos.
  • Have a wide variety for men, women, kids, and groups. An added touch is a prop personalised with your name or wedding date.
  • Display some props and accessories near the photo booth to catch people’s attention and get them interested from the start.
  • Consider having an attendant present to help guests pick props and pose. It ensures everyone gets in on the fun.
  • Make sure there are enough props and accessories for all guests throughout the event. Replenish popular items that run out.
  1. Use creative backdrops and lighting
  • A wedding photo booth backdrop sets the tone and style of the pictures. Your wedding theme can be reflected with backdrops, such as elegant curtains, floral walls, chalkboard signs, and vintage doors.
  • Add lighting like strings of Edison bulbs, paper lanterns, and LED lights to give the booth ambiance. Uplighting also makes the backdrop pop.
  • Give guests a choice of a few different backdrops to pose in front of. Provide backdrops both indoors and outdoors to change up the scene. 
  • Photograph the dance floor, head table, cake table, etc., during the reception.
  • Make your photos stand out by using colorful, bold backdrops. Avoid busy patterns or distracting backgrounds.
  1. Offer fun digital photo options
  • Printed strips and digital copies of photos are typically offered at modern photo booths. Take advantage of the digital capabilities to give guests more ways to enjoy their photos.
  • Have the booth share the photos directly to a social media platform or text them to guests so they easily post and share them online. 
  • Offer guests the opportunity to create animated gifs or short videos from their photo shoots. These make fun social media posts!
  • Use social media hashtags, photo booth props, or signs to encourage guests to post their pics and spread the word about how much fun your booth is! 
  • Allow guests to enter their email addresses to receive all the digital photos after the wedding. This way they download, print, and share any pics they like.

The key is to provide a variety of ways for guests to get playful, pose silly, and enjoy the uniqueness of the photo booth. The right props, backdrops, and digital sharing options ensure the wedding photo booth is a big hit!

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